Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First real and true blog post

Well, now I have a blog. I have been threatening to make one!

First of all... just so you know, this blog is kinda personal. So if you know me just a little, I may say things that may surprise you to know about me. If you DO know me, it may not surprise you, but may make you concerned. Don't be...

I just want to speak my mind and hopefully some kind stranger will comment and possibly give me the clarity only an outsider can give... LOL or not.

If I gave you this address, obviously I don't mind if you read this and comment. In fact I would rather enjoy it if you did. If you just happened to find it...hey you go ahead and comment too!

I'm just working some stuff out in my head and hopefully will come to some ideas on how to act on the "stuff" in my life...

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