Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So... um.. this is the deal. I forgot where this blog was located. (and like a goof didn't have it bookmarked) And then I found it, but didn't remember the password!

So since I have been away from this blog, a lot has gone on...

First in February I was laid off from my job. No suprise there, I had made an effort of getting off the team I was on and was refused. They basically hated me after that and I was nit picked to death on my QA's to the point where it finally made it look like I couldn't do my job well. Hello? How much brains does it really take to sit and listen to people yell at you because they want something free? Seriously! So goodbye to a crap job... hello to unemployment. I got a fairly decent severance package, so whatever.

Me and Mr. Perfect were planning to get married this year in July! But with me and no job and COBRA costing WAAAAY too much money, he suggested that we get married earlier. Bless him!

And so we did!

I'll post more a little later, I hope... gotta remember to book mark this thing!