Thursday, December 11, 2008

So not in the habit...

I'm just not in the blog habit! I keep forgetting that it's here!

So... let's see. I went back to work on Oct 8th. It took me nearly 3 weeks to get my rhythym back. Oh and get this, I got back the 8th, right? That was a Saturday I was feeling kinda gross...but Sunday night, I had a fever. The fever didn't break until sometime Tuesday. Needless to say I didn't go to work Monday and Tuesday. I came back to a verbal warning that I could get written up if I missed any more days and did not have the sick time to cover them. They ended up making me used 2 days of vacation. pfft.

Then two weeks ago, I slipped on some frost in my driveway, fell flat on my back and during the fall slammed my head against the bumper of my other car and my earring was ripped out. I stayed my ass home that day. Well... guess what? That's right, I got written up! The day I came back from Thanksgiving no less.

So NOW the call center is very slow and they are begging to take days off... AND allowing you to do them unpaid if you want. Heh... I totally went through my budget to figure out how many I could take. I may not be happy with my paycheck on Friday, but I don't care. Well...I sort of don't care...LOL

I need to just keep my head down and muddle through the next few months and see what's going to happen with that company.... bah!

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